"We are what we eat, it is often said, but of course that is only part of the story.  

We are what what we eat eats, too." 

-Michael Pollan


If you've found us, you probably already know the amazing health benefits from eating grass-fed meats and eggs from free-range hens.  You know about healthy fats, Omega 3/6 ratios and the increased levels of vitamins and minerals you can get from these products.  You want to support producers who raise animals humanely.  You care about knowing your farmer and supporting your local economy, and you realize that buying direct from your farmer can help you save a lot of money.

Even better, you know that farm fresh food tastes better than anything you can find in the grocery store!

Wellspring Farms raises Irish Dexter cattle, hogs, Cornish Cross broiler chickens and laying hens (Buckeyes, Red Sexlink and Araucana, mainly).  We move our animals to fresh pasture daily.

Our cows eat grass or hay only and have access to free-choice minerals and fresh water.  The hogs and chickens have grain rations that are certified transitional-organic, with no GMO or soy.  We never use medicated or antibiotic feed. 

We grow our animals this way because this is the way we want to eat.  We want meat from grass-fed animals who have had stress-free lives doing what comes naturally to them.  Chickens scratch and catch bugs, pigs dig and wallow, and cows walk in fields of green grass, choosing the best bites first.  All of them have moments of joy, where they run and kick their feet up, or roll on their backs, or lay contentedly in the sun. 

We love being their farmers, and we'd love to be yours.

Joe and Barbara Gans

Sarah Gans and Brad Kucera

Will, Odin and Andrew Kucera